Hindaun is a town in Karauli district in Rajasthan (India). The city is located in the vicinity of the Aravalli Range and is on the main railway track between Delhi and Mumbai. It is a subdivisional headquarters in India. Its population is approximately 1 lakh. This town covers an area of 8 square kilometres (3.1 sq mi). Temperatures in summer range between 25 and 45 degrees Celsius and in winter it is between 5 and 23 degrees Celsius. It has an average elevation of 235 metres (771 ft).Distance from Hindaun to State capital Jaipur is around 150 km. The city is also famous for stone merchants & slate Factories. its brain talent which is evident by and lots of other Doctors, Engineers & Business administrators been given by this city specially in last Ten years.MAHU KHAS is the largest panchyat in rajasthan. The Other famous name which will always be associated to this city is the legendary and Unique personality called Shri Ballabh Ram Kambalwal alias "Ballabh Bhaisahab', a Unique legend who got Presidential award from Ex President Gyani Zail Singh for his unique excellence in the area of Teaching. This personality got handicapped during his engineering college days due to an accident but he did not accept defeat due to this and accepted Teaching as a career. He has been a unique Teacher who has taught all the Science subjects in a single sitting (not able to sit due to physical inability) for years and have given Quality Product engineers and doctors.


Image In the ancient time city came under the Matsya Kingdom, which was ruled by Meenas and a large population of Meenas can be seen in nearby villages there are many ancient structures still present in the town build during the regime of Matsya Kingdom . Traditionally in some mythical stories the city is believed to be associated with the mythology of Hiranyakashyapa and Prahlada mentioned in Bhagavata Purana. Local tradition tells us that Hindon was the capital of Hiranyakashyapa, father of Prahlada. because of this fact the area is known as 'Hiranakus Ki Kher'. 'Kher' in local language means capital. This is further confirmed by the existence of monuments like 'Hiranakus Ka Mandir', 'Prahlada Kund', 'Nrisinha Temple', 'Hiranakus Ka Kua', and 'Dhobi Pachhad'. About 40 year back there was a sculptor of Hiranakus in 'Hiranakus Ka Mandir' but now it has been replaced by that of Rama and temple has become famous as 'Raghunath Mandir'. 'Hiranakus Ka Kua' is situated in the heart of city and ruins nearby are that of Bharon temple. Langda Bharon (Langur) is very popular in Karauli area. 'Dhobi Pachhad' is believed to be the spot where Prahlada was thrown out from the Palace. There is also a place called 'Holika Dah' where Holika tried to burn Prahlad but she herself was destroyed in the fire. At last Vishnu assumed the form Nrisimha Awtar and killed Hiranyakashyapa.


The City is known for its red stone; the Akshardham Temple in Delhi was built using this stone. The Swami Narain temple in Jaipur was also built with this stone. The city is furnished with:

  • Multispeciality hospital, Hindaun mode
  • Electrified railway track connecting metros i.e. Delhi-Mumbai
  • Railway stations: Hindaun city & Shri Mahaveer Ji
  • Roadways Bus Depot
  • Govt. Sec Sc School
  • Lush green parks

Hindaun is located in the eastern part of Rajasthan in the vicinity of the Aravalis. The city is well connected with Karauli shire in south, Karnpur, Mandaral, Todabhim, Shri Mahabir Ji, Ganapur city, Swai Modhopur, Dholpur, Bharatpur with nicely macadamized roads. The heart temples of Karauli, Madanmohan ji (32k.m.) and Kailadevi temple (53k.m.), are nearby destinations of Hindaun. At the Kailadevi a special fair is solemnised at the time of Navratras. The Kailadevi century is not too far apart from here, the queer destination of wild life surfing.


As per provisional reports of Census India, population of Hindaun in 2011 is 105,690; of which male and female are 56,178 and 49,512 respectively. The sex ratio of Hindaun city is 881 per 1000 males. In education section, total literates in Hindaun city are 69,108 of which 41,993 are males while 27,115 are females. Average literacy rate of Hindaun city is 76.58 percent of which male and female literacy was 87.79 and 63.94 percent. Total children (0-6) in Hindaun city are 15,451 as per figure from Census India report on 2011. There were 8,345 boys while 7,106 are girls. Child sex ratio of girls is 852 per 1000 boys. The city is governed by municipality under karauli shire.

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